November 17, 2011


[-Trigger Warning: Cissexism-] Dan Savage Glittered Again, Student Arrested




On November 9th, Dan Savage was the recipient of a “glitter bomb” stunt for the second time this month so far. He was continuing his MTV tour at University of California Irvine.

 One of the students involved in the stunt was grabbed by the police and arrested.

According to my source at the event, Savage was in the middle of answering a question from a student who was wondering if her boyfriend was a freak because he watched porn featuring trans women. Savage suggested that her boyfriend was a freak, while freely using the terms “shemale” and “freaky tranny porn.” That is when two individuals ran up and threw glitter on him yelling “Transphobe!” Someone from the MTV tech crew muttered “Oh, not again!” Savage laughed it off and said that being gay he loves glitter.

Later, when another student was asking him about the incident, Savage answered, “I’m used to it.”

Savage’s use of the terms “tranny” and “shemale” are a minor part of the complaints being lodged against him, however, the use of those slurs is the most visible and most discussed part of them. Savage has claimed that he was transphobic 15 years ago but isn’t anymore, however, if that is true than why would Dan choose to use those same derogatory slurs knowing how much anger it draws from the trans community and so soon on the heels of the first glitter stunt?

Was he being antagonistic or just oblivious?

Considering that he is being called transphobic so frequently that he now says he is “used to it,” it’s hard to understand how he can continue to see himself as a spokesperson for the LGBT community rather than solely a gay spokesperson. Especially when he apparently has begun bringing police to his events to protect him from the community he claims to represent.

i’ve never had such an urge to gouge someones eyes out until this man came along so needless to say i was pissed that he was included in logo’s lgbt history month or w/e its called

oh my god he is awful

disgusting fucking human being.

Being “used to it” doesn’t make it okay Mr. Savage. It just makes you a fucking dolt for not changing the way you talk publicly about trans* people. 

This man is NOT an LGBT spokesperson. I do not accept that.

Has ANYONE in this thread even read or listen to a word Dan said? Here’s *his* version of what went down:

To be quite frank, I find it ridiculous that they would pick out such an outspoken and popular advocate FOR gay/queer/whatever people and glitterbomb him one little word - AS HE WAS GOING TO EXPLAIN WHY IT IS OFFENSIVE.

I don’t know Dan personally, but living in Seattle and being friends with many people in the queer community, I’m going to go by their words and believe that he is NOT a ‘transphobe’ and that he does a lot of good for the community.

He doesn’t mince his words, however, and nitpicking them doesn’t fucking help anybody. How exactly did ‘glitterbombing’ him help trans people in any way? It fucking didn’t.

This is the last thing I’m going to say about it so don’t start a fight. Just inform yourself before you reblog hateful stuff like this. 

(Source: thecuntmentality, via gbdans)

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